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Immunology laboratory has succeeded in the development of the NOD-scid IL-2Rgnull (NOG) mouse, an immunodeficient mouse with excellent engraftment potential of various xenogeneic cells and tissues including humans’ and is creating "humanized mice" with human blood and immune systems using this mouse. Currently, based on the NOG mice, "next generation NOG mice" transduced with various human genes have been developed with an attempt to reconstruct functional human blood and immune systems. Through the development of these mice, we aim to recapitulate various human diseases where immune reactions are involved (e.g., allergy, tumor immunity), as well as for more efficient new drug development.

  1. A Novel Xenogeneic Graft-Versus-Host Disease Model for Investigating the Pathological Role of Human CD4+ or CD8+ T Cells Using Immunodeficient NOG Mice.
    Ito R, Katano I, Kawai K, Yagoto M, Takahashi T, Ka Y, Ogura T, Takahashi R, Ito M.
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  2. Predominant development of mature and functional human NK cells in a novel human IL-2-producing transgenic NOG mouse.
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    J Immunol. 2015 Apr 1;194(7):3513-25.
  3. Visualization of the human CD4+ T-cell response in humanized HLA-DR4-expressing NOD/Shi-scid/γc(null) (NOG) mice by retrogenic expression of the human TCR gene.
    Takahashi T, Katano I, Ito R, Ito M.
    Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2015 Jan 2;456(1):219-24.
  4. NOD-Rag2null IL-2Rγnull mice: an alternative to NOG mice for generation of humanized mice.
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    Exp Anim. 2014;63(3):321-30.
  5. Establishment of a human allergy model using human IL-3/GM-CSF-transgenic NOG mice.
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  6. Induction of human humoral immune responses in a novel HLA-DR-expressing transgenic NOD/Shi-scid/γcnull mouse.
    Suzuki M, Takahashi T, Katano I, Ito R, Ito M.
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  7. Efficient xenoengraftment in severe immunodeficient NOD/Shi-scid IL2rγnull mice is attributed to a lack of CD11c+B220+CD122+ cells.
    Ito R, Katano I, Ida-Tanaka M, Kamisako T, Kawai K, Suemizu H, Aiso S, Ito M.
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  8. NOD/SCID/gamma(c)(null) mouse: an excellent recipient mouse model for engraftment of human cells.
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