Animal Resource & Technical Research Center

Breeding Technology Laboratory

We supply precision animal models possessing high reproducibility, disseminate their rearing and management techniques, and provide contract research using our animal resources and rearing techniques. Mouse resources, represented by severely immunodeficient NOG mice, are produced worldwide and are responsible for strain preservation and genetic refresh of their foundation colonies.
We also provide consultations on the improvement of the rearing and experimental environments for NOG mice and related mouse lines (Next-Generation NOGs).

Gnotobiotic Animal Laboratory

On the basis of Germ-free/Gnotobiotic animal rearing and management techniques cultivated since the 1960s, we can create mice with modified microbiomes. We are working to develop experimental techniques and breeding equipment for microbiome animal experiments, and we are providing these techniques as contract research. We also provide consultation, education, and training on Germ-free/Gnotobiotic animal-related techniques.

The Japanese Association of Germfree Life and Gnotobiology (JAGG) is a historical society established in 1968.
From 2022, the secretariat of the society will be relocated to Central Institute for Experimental Animals.
Please refer to the URL below.

The Japanese Association of Germfree Life and Gnotobiology (JAGG)

Breeding equipment (film isolators, isolation breeding racks) and laboratory research equipment developed at CIEA are commercialized by JIC Co., Ltd. Please see the following URL. JIC Co., Ltd.


  1. Development of rearing and management techniques
  2. Collection of physiological data and performance evaluation of various mouse strains
  3. Maintenance, storage, and supply of inbred mice
  4. Education and training on rearing and management of severely immunodeficient mice
  5. Custom microbiological cleaning for germ-free and gnotobiotic mice
  6. Development of breeding technology for microbiome animal experiment
  7. Distribution of germ-free and gnotobiotic mouse strain
  8. Contract/Collaborative research using germ-free and gnotobiotic animals
  1. Creation of an experimental rearing environment for microbiome animal research using an individually ventilated cage system and bioBUBBLE enclosure.
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  2. Characterization of hiPSC-Derived Muscle Progenitors Reveals Distinctive Markers for Myogenic Cell Purification Toward Cell Therapy.
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  3. Improved engraftment of human peripheral blood mononuclear cells in NOG MHC double knockout mice generated using CRISPR/Cas9
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  4. Study on AAV-mediated gene therapy for diabetes in humanized liver mouse to predict efficacy in humans.
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  5. Predominant development of mature and functional human NK cells in a novel human IL-2-producing transgenic NOG mouse.
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  6. NOD-Rag2null IL-2Rγnull mice: an alternative to NOG mice for generation of humanized mice.
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  7. A versatile technique for the in vivo imaging of human tumor xenografts using near-infrared fluorochrome-conjugated macromolecule probes.
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